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Volkner? WTF? Are you kidding me?

Volk SE37 vs. Volkner- Formula Mesh I am literally LOL’ing. Volkner? Hmmm… What’s next? Workster Wheels? BBS’ing Racing Wheels? Poon Sports? The Vokster Formula Mesh takes their design from the now discontinued Volk SE37’s.

Volk CE28 vs. Rota DPT

The Volk CE28’s are some of the lighter wheels available on the market. Rays released these in various colors, offsets, and applications. The DPT are also offered in a wide variety of options, but not even close to the quality if the CE’s.

Volk TE37 vs. Rota Grid

The Grid reminds me of violent movies in the 80’s… and Volk sounds like the villain of that movie. And we all know villains are effing awesome.

Volk GT-C vs. R1 GTR-5

First of all, WTF is R1? I never even heard of this company until I started looking up replica wheels. It seems like this company has a pretty good business plan: copy! copy! copy! I do have to admit though, the GTR-5’s are an excellent fake of the GTC’s. Slap on some Volk stickers and […]