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Introducing…the new… the original…

JUST KIDDING! We can dream, can’t we? The new Rota DPT is just another shameless rip of the popular Volk CE28. Available for many makes and models, this replica can make a jdm-a-holic cry.

Rays Announces: Volk CE28N Genesis

Talk about Rare! You might want to consider 4 locks per wheel! Only 500 of these sets will be made available. Forged, super light weight- monoblock construction. Available in Burnt Silver only with high bosscal plating. If you are interested, talk to you favorite Volk dealer. Once these are gone, they are GONE!

Volk GT-P vs. R1 Gtr-6

There is something very appealing about this old school Volk wheel.  It has a very old school JDM look, yet maintains lines similar to many modern wheels. One could say it is a hyrbid wheel.  The R1, clearly is a knock off of this classic volk wheel.

Vork Wheels? Ravs Engineering? WTF?!

I seriously LOL’d when I saw this! Notice the “Vork” logo and “Ravs Engineering” logo. Above is the proper Volk and Rays spelling and Logo.

Volk GT-N vs. ADR sokudo10

The Volk GTN is a classic wheel discontinued in recent years. Used sets are found on various car forums and on ebay. ADR has been biting wheels since circa 90’s. The Sokudo 10 is an obvious replica of the GTN’s. A few subtle difference from the ADR’s, but inspiration cannot be questioned here.