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SSR GT3 vs. R-1 Grip

The GT3 is a wheel duplicated by many manufacturers. The design is so classic, you will most likely see a few more of these replicas in your lifetime. Just don’t hold your breath waiting on real rivets.

Chicken or the Egg?

Work Meister S1 vs. Rota D2 Although the D2 is a definite wheel replica. It’s difficult if the idea was stolen from the Work Meister S1, or the similar SSR Professors.

Bling vs. Blah

SSR Vienna Dish vs. Sportmax-XXR 504 The SSR Vienna Dish is the perfect blinged out wheel for your VIP ride. Although the VIP scene is relatively new to the USA, that didn’t stop Sportmax in creating some Vienna replicas. You gotta love the fake rivets. LOL!

SSR Gt3 vs. Excel DL-46

The SSR GT3 might possibly be the quintessential tuner wheel of the late 90’s. Due to its widespread availability, this wheel continues to sell well today.  The GT3 offers you a light-weight multi-piece forged construction. What I really hate about the Excel wheel is the FAKE rivets! The Excel wheel tries to emulate a multi-piece […]