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Honda Type R vs. Rota R Spec

Rota claims these replicas are 5 lbs lighter then the ’98 OEM Integra Wheels. Gotta love the Honda Centercap.

The latest Trend… Fake Stickers on Fake Volks?

We spotted these fakes on a popular car forum, apparently the owner justified putting Volk stickers on his Rotas because he had “authentic Volk valve stems.” Rich, real rich….

Voltec MS vs. Rota Bella

Many fake wheels have names similar to the original, the Bella might be the exception to the rule. The only similarities between the MS and the Bella is in the design.

Advan RS vs. Rota G-Force

Rota’s G-Force weigh in at around 21 lbs… these are clearly wheels meant for style, whereas the Advans are made similarly, but with performance in mind.  Both are thankfully available in many colors including dirt brown and grandma’s hair grey.

Lack of Emotion?

Raw emotion is lacking from the auto scene these days. But that is not the case with the XD9’s. What I don’t get is  emotion with random numbers and letters next to it?  Whoops… sorry for dissing ya Work! Damn you Rota for making me switch sides!