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Rota SDR vs. Prodrive PFF7

SDR= Simply Dumb & Retarded. Okay, I’m just kidding…. but don’t you wonder how they come up with these arbitrary names? Wouldn’t it make much more sense to call this replica the PFF7(b) or something?

BMW CSL (BBS) vs Linea Corse Z20

The BMW CSL concept can be traced to the early 1970’s. The wheels pictured below were originally featured on the M3 CSL (E46). Although this model was not available in the USA, the wheels and other parts were available as a 4k upgrade package from the dealer!  So what does this mean? RARE AND EXCLUSIVE!  […]

My Replica>Your Replica

Oh Noes! What happens when one replica company steals a design, and then that stolen design gets stolen by another company? Karma? Poetic Justice? Our research team discovered that the Rota Slipstream is a blatant copy of the legendary Spoon Sports SW388.  Well, Rota must have been slipping because Drag Wheels came along and replicated […]

Welcome to FakeWheels.com!

FakeWheels.com is the web’s most comprehensive source of replica and fake wheels!  It all started out when I first started modding cars in 1999.  With not many local options available, I looked online to expand my search.  After Google generated a few wheel stores for me, I was able to find a nice wheel/tire package […]