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Let’s do the Twist!

Falken Hanabi vs. R-1 Twist Let’s face it, replica companies lack a certain sense of creativity, so when R-1 decided to copy the Falken Hanabi, the “twist” was the best name they could come up with.

PIAA Super Rozza vs. R-1 Drift

May I quote a famous arcade game, “Slide around this corner. And that corner. DRIFT DRIFT DRIFT!!!”. Yes, a random thought…

SSR Professor MS1 vs. R-1 Milano

The SSR MS1 is a great 3 piece wheel. Price is usually not posted on websites. If this scares you, check out the R-1’s.

Volk GT-C vs. R1 GTR-5

First of all, WTF is R1? I never even heard of this company until I started looking up replica wheels. It seems like this company has a pretty good business plan: copy! copy! copy! I do have to admit though, the GTR-5’s are an excellent fake of the GTC’s. Slap on some Volk stickers and […]