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Mugen MF-10 vs Drag DR-29

I was so stoked the other day, saw a set of authentic MF10’s… but when I got closer…. I almost cried when I saw the Drag logo.

Mugen XJ vs. Rota MGM

Don’t be fooled by the shiny finish, The XJ is a nice polished wheel developed by Honda tuners, Mugen. The MGM gives you a similar look for about 1/3 the price.

Mugen M7 vs. Rota J-Mag

Rota J-Mag sounds like something out of a Japanese cartoon. And for once I’m not too far off… it comes in an assortment of louder-than-Fran-Dresher colors. Talk about bastardizing the M7.

Mugen GP vs. Rota SDX

The Rota SDX is a typical 7 spoke design. Let’s face it, similar to many wheels. However, similar and an exact copy are two different things. I hope Mugen got a thank you card.

Mugen MF8 vs Rota Circuit 8

There is quite a bit of debate on the origins of this design. Some say Mugen was inspired by a spider when they created this wheel. There is however no debate on the demand for the O.G. MF8’s. If you’re  not picky, get the Circuit 8.