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Volk RE30 vs. Konig Runaway

Konig may possibly getting up there with Rota…. another replica of the popular Volk RE30’s

Work Meister S1 (3pc) vs. Konig Candy

Konig decided to copy the ever popular Work Meisters…..kinda like stealing candy from a baby.

Burn Baby Burn!

Konig After Burner vs. Gram Lights 57F PRO I mean seriously, did you guys think we wouldn’t notice the titanium burned lip? When Rays introduced this look it was one of the most unique JDM things we have seen in years…. In fact, I never thought they would be duplicated. Obviously Konig took this as […]

BBS RS vs. Konig Maxxim

Here is your standard/classic mesh wheel by BBS. Standard enough to be copied by Konig. When Konig does indeed dabble in original designs, they fail miserably. Case in point, removable spokes which you can “mix and match?”   WTF? How bored can one be? Hmmmm…. Let’s see…..If you’re feeling sad on Monday, go with the blue […]