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Another TE-37/LE Ripoff?

This new fake TE-37 might be worse then the notorious fake Volk stickers. Not only is this wheel a straight rip off,  but JLB Motorsports has reached an all time low by etching false terms on their new “signature” wheel.  Take a close look at the etching:  “Design by Japan,” “monoblock,” and “forged.”  What exactly […]

Rays Announces: Volk CE28N Genesis

Talk about Rare! You might want to consider 4 locks per wheel! Only 500 of these sets will be made available. Forged, super light weight- monoblock construction. Available in Burnt Silver only with high bosscal plating. If you are interested, talk to you favorite Volk dealer. Once these are gone, they are GONE!

Lite vs. Lights?

Gram Lights 57 Maximum vs.  Rota Real Lite Anyone else find it humorous that Rota decided to call this wheel the “Real Lite.” I guess it’s a small tribute to the Gram Lights. Or maybe it’s just a typo, rather then a  way to work around copyright infringement.