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Gram Lights 57F vs. Axis Circuit

Axis Wheels in CA have teamed up with Rays Japan to offer this new 1 piece forged monoblock racing wheel.  The Axis Circuit wheel looks similar to the Gramlight but at a lower retail price. Authorized or not, a replica of the 57f.  Since Rays gave this replica the “go ahead,” maybe we’ll let this […]

Thoughts from an Axis Shine Owner…

OK,  I’m not trying to jump on to solely defend my wheels for being hacks, because let me stress that I care less!  I love my damn wheels!  Though very similar in design, I do feel in some way inclined to defend the Shines being hacks of the DLS’s.  The Maya DLSs are bad a$$ […]

Weds Kranze LXZ vs. EXE Konvex

The “Weds Kranze LXZ,” has to be most complicated wheel name out there. Imagine trying tell your friends which wheels you have. Good luck with that. You have to give props to EXE to simplifying the name of their replica.

Advan TCII vs. Axis Hiro

Hiro can stop time. Least he can on that one show. Can Axis stop time with their Hiro’s? If sales of the original Advans have gone down, perhaps.

G-Games Sidewinder vs. Axis Decade

G-Games= gangster  Replicas=wankster