FakeWheels.com is the web’s most comprehensive source of replica and fake wheels!  It all started out when I first started modding cars in 1999.  With not many local options available, I looked online to expand my search.  After Google generated a few wheel stores for me, I was able to find a nice wheel/tire package within no time!

I was in love…. cool wheels, a great price, and MAN did my car look great!  Months later, I realized that these awesome wheels I picked were actually BBS replicas. “Who cares?” I thought,  they looked good and I saved a TON…. But was the quality up to par with BBS?


After the clear coat started flaking off, I knew something was not right.  Additionally, I bent 3 of the wheels (from very minor pot holes) within one year of ownership. The same issues that I was experiencing were being reported by other users online.  I ended up fixing the wheels, and living with this mistake. In retrospect, I should have just dumped them.  After the repairs, I estimated that the cost of these fakes was equivalent to a set of quality/authentic BBS wheels.

So why should you buy authentic wheels?  Let’s forget about the debate on quality and focus on something else. It’s important to support manufacturers that put the time, effort, and R&D. Replica’s hurt the industry more then you realize.

Ultimately, YOU make the decision on where your hard earned dollars are spent. This blog intends to educate you on the widespread wheel replica industry. Sure, this blog may also help those who want the “real” look, but with the “fake” prices, but at least you will be informed. Personally, if you’re trying to update the look of your car with wheels, why not take your time and save up for the real deal!

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Special thanks to HRE Wheels for allowing us to use some of their featured vehicles on our rotating banners. We really like what HRE has done over the years, as well as their time/effort in perfecting forged wheels in the good ‘ol USA!

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