Thoughts from an Axis Shine Owner…

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OK,  I’m not trying to jump on to solely defend my wheels for being hacks, because let me stress that I care less!  I love my damn wheels!  Though very similar in design, I do feel in some way inclined to defend the Shines being hacks of the DLS’s.  The Maya DLSs are bad a$$ and a set of wheels that if I had the $4K lying around I would buy them.  But if anything, I would say that the Maya DLS’s look more like the RH RS-721’s (review links provided below).  Infact, it was actually the RS-721’s that I had orignally wanted, but even then was out of my price range, till the Shine’s came out about a year later.  And its funny that I claim this, but i bought the Shines, because i though they most looked like the RS-721’s! So that being said, are we determining replicas from real based on price?  Well then wouldn’t it be:

Maya DLS > RH RS-721 > Axis Shine.

Even based on a time line of when each came out.  If my memory serves me correctly, Maya’s have been around for the longest, the RS-721’s came out son after, with the shines being around maybe 2 years.  Well then saying that I have just labeled the RS-721 as being replicas, right? Please add to the list , R1 Racing Hype = Axis Shine, because I think that the Hypes are replicas of the Shines based on price and on a time line.