For Pete’s Sake, not the TE’s!

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Volk TE37 vs SSK 031

The Volk TE-37 is an iconic Japanese wheel. So popular that I’ve lost track of how many companies have replicated the design. If the JDM scene could be represented by one wheel, the TE37 might be it. Here is a replica by the company SSK.

EDIT: Please see comment # 1!

Volk- TE37

Volk- TE37




  1. Comment by Ed:

    You guys realize the 6-lug wheel you identified as a real Volk TE37 is in fact a fake. Volk does make a 6-lug TE37,but the one pictured isn’t the real deal.

  2. Comment by admin:

    Nice Catch Ed! Just another example to show how hard it is to determine fakes from the real deal! Slap on Volk stickers and even fool this site!

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